Attorney Benjamin Riek is the Employment Attorney You Need in Akron & Toledo, OH

Providing Counsel for Employment Law

Are you facing discrimination in the workplace? Do you feel like your employee rights aren't being respected? Law Offices of F. Benjamin Riek III is here to serve you when you need an employment attorney in Akron & Toledo, OH. Attorney Benjamin Riek serves clients in all matters regarding workplace discrimination, FMLA issues, sexual harassment and whistleblowing. He's committed to fighting workplace discrimination alongside the clients he cares about.

Start moving forward with your ADA compliance, disability discrimination, workplace discrimination, wrongful determination, sexual discrimination, age discrimination, sexual harassment, sex discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, employee misclassification, employer retaliation, employee leave rights, religious discrimination, or compensation discrimination legal matter. Call 330-410-2518 now to connect with an employment law attorney. Attorney Benjamin Riek is ready to serve you.

Why should you choose attorney Benjamin Riek?

When you need an employment attorney by your side, don't hesitate to connect with attorney Benjamin Riek. Many clients choose him, because of his:

  • Experience - he has been a practicing attorney for over 35 years, and he puts every bit of experience to work for his clients
  • Commitment - he's committed to helping individuals with all aspects of employment law, so they can protect their jobs and their families
  • Professionalism - he understands the difficulties employment law situations can bring on a client, and he aids clients as they deal with their situations

He aids a wide range of clients as they fight workplace discrimination, seek protection from employers who are threatening their rights and strive to provide for their families. If you have any questions for an employment law attorney, contact him now.