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Nearly 40 Years Of Experience Protecting Victims Of Workplace Discrimination

Fighting To Help Employees Throughout Ohio Overcome The Obstacles They Face

Despite progress in many workplaces, discriminatory practices still exist. Sexually charged workplaces create hostile environments, and some employees find it easier to quit than to fight. If this sounds familiar to your situation, we encourage you to stand up for your rights.

I will commit all of my resources to resolve the complex issues you face. Whether you're an hourly or salaried employee, I can help even the odds in your situation. On behalf of Ohio residents, I pursue:

  • Justice for victims of age discrimination
  • Compensation for hourly and salaried employees
  • An end to hostile work environments

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Do not suffer through the violation of your rights in an intolerable work setting. Do not tolerate being denied the pay you are entitled to under state and federal laws. Contact the Law Offices of F. Benjamin Riek III by filling out this intake form or calling for more information.