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The Rewards And Consequences Of Reporting Illegal Activity

Attorney writing in a bookDoing the right thing in the workplace is not as easy as it seems. The discovery and reporting of an employer engaged in illegal activity is something to reward, not punish. But instead of a pat on the back, some superiors clear their name by sullying the names of the people trying to do what is right. Other employers try to punish the whistleblower.

The Challenges You Face When Trying To Do The Right Thing

When you stand up to do the right thing, employment law attorney F. Benjamin Riek III will stand by your side. He combines nearly four decades of experience with a track record of successful outcomes involving whistleblower claims. He champions the cause of harassment victims and protects them from retaliatory acts or wrongful termination.

Many other types of whistleblowing go beyond the reporting of the illegal activity and include more coercive and threatening measures:

  • Refusing to join the illegal enterprise

  • Reporting a breach of company rules and laws (regulatory, state, and federal)

  • Reporting the misuse of federal funds

Have You Been Wrongfully Terminated?

Qui-Tam Lawsuits And The Possibility Of Financial Rewards

Whistleblower laws include qui tam lawsuits, which allow those who report the misuse of federal funds or fraud involving a government contract to share in any recovery of government money.

No one should experience retaliation for reporting illegal activity at their workplace; they should be recognized for uncovering a superior or fellow employee engaged in defrauding a government entity.

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