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Sexual Harassment Lawyers and Attorneys in Akron, Ohio

According to the University of Minnesota, determining the actual number of women who experience sexual harassment at the workplace can be challenging. Studies show that sexual harassment is quite prevalent and that it has a major impact on women’s jobs, careers, and lives. Women may not always report incidents because they have either been conditioned to accept harassing behavior as a joke or because society perceives certain types of harassment as complimenting women. Others fear retaliation for reporting harassment. According to the Huffington Post, as many as 1 in 3 women has faced sexual harassment on the job, which can take on many forms. Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, quid pro quo requests, or any other verbal or physical conduct that is of a sexual nature. Some women even experienced sexual harassment that they didn’t characterize as such when it occurred. For example, a lewd text or email could be characterized as sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can be instigated by co-workers, clients, or management. If you believe you have experienced sexual harassment, you may be entitled to compensation for your lost wages, lost raises, and have the right to fight your wrongful termination or demotion. The Law Offices of F. Benjamin Riek III are sexual harassment defense lawyers in Akron, Ohio who work closely with individuals who have faced sexual harassment at work. Protect your rights. Call us at 330-864-8604.

What is Sexual Harassment?

Cultural norms may make it difficult for women to recognize and stop sexual harassment before it gets serious. For example, women have been enculturated to see sexual advances as compliments and some have come to expect sexual advances from men. However, if you have experienced unwanted sexual advances on the job, if your employer failed to intervene when a client or customer was sexually harassing you, or if you have faced sexual harassment from your manager, you may have important rights. Have you faced sexual harassment on the job? Sometimes sexual harassment can be quite subtle. In recent years, this kind of harassment has gone online and on to social media. What are some examples?

  • Quid pro quo harassment. If your manager has held your promotion hostage to his sexual advancements, or if you feel that a supervisor’s sexual advances have threatened your career, you may have the right to pursue a quid pro quo harassment claim. It is illegal for an employer or manager to request sexual favors in exchange for career advancement or a raise.
  • Unwelcome sexual advancement While a single request for a date, a single offhand sexual remark, or one-time teasing, won’t necessarily be protected under the law, harassment is considered illegal when it creates a hostile workplace environment. Generally, an individual will need to show that the comments were repeated and common, that a co-worker or manager repeatedly asked for dates or sexual favors, or that the workplace environment was demeaning to women. If you have been facing repeated sexual advancements from co-workers or managers, document all instances and consider speaking to the sexual harassment defense lawyer in Akron, Ohio at the Law Offices of F. Benjamin Riek III.
  • Demotions, firing, or retaliatory behavior. Individuals who have been harassed may be discouraged by management from reporting the behavior. If you have faced a demotion, a firing, or any kind of retaliatory behavior as a result of reporting sexual harassment to human resources or to your employer, you may have important rights under the law. You may be entitled to receive money to cover your lost wages, and other expenses. Contact the Law Offices of F. Benjamin Riek III in Akron, Ohio. Our sexual harassment defense attorneys can help.

Sexual harassment takes many forms. If you have experienced difficulty on the job or feel like your career is being held back because of harassing behavior, you have rights. Speak to the sexual harassment defense lawyers at the Law Offices of F. Benjamin Riek III in Akron, Ohio today.


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Protecting the Rights of Those Who Have Been Harassed in Akron, Ohio

 If you’ve faced sexual harassment on the job, or have been wrongfully terminated or demoted for reporting sexual harassment, you may feel like you have a daunting uphill battle ahead of you. Your employer may have teams of lawyers fighting on their side, protecting their interests. You need a qualified sexual harassment defense lawyer in Akron, Ohio fighting on your side. The Law Offices of F. Benjamin Riek III, work hard to protect individuals who have suffered due to harassing co-workers, clients, customers, or managers.

Your employer may try to use several strategies to defend their failure to put an end to a hostile work situation. You need a lawyer who understands these strategies and who can fight to protect your rights. Employers may claim that the workplace wasn’t hostile and that the harassed worker is “overreacting.” Others might claim that the woman initially welcomed the harassment. For instance, women who failed to express her discomfort at an initial email or unwanted advance would be portrayed as accepting of the behavior. The reality is that many women are caught off guard when they first receive a lewd email or advance. It can be challenging to know how to respond. While an employer might claim that your silence after sexual harassment eliminates their responsibility, don’t believe them. A qualified lawyer like the sexual harassment defense lawyers at the Law Offices of F. Benjamin Riek can help you fight these claims and seek damages for your harassment.

Another terrible tactic that employers may use is to question the harassed person’s mental health. Your employer may try to disparage your character or claim that you are mentally unstable in order to win their case. This tactic is used frequently to defend employers and individuals charged with sexual assault. Women may find their sexual past under scrutiny. You need a sexual harassment defense lawyer in Akron, Ohio, like the attorneys at the Law Offices of F. Benjamin Riek III who can fight the most pernicious tactics that employers or companies may try to use.

Protect Your Rights 

Women may sometimes experience challenges in advancing in their careers after experiencing sexual harassment on the job. Sexual harassment can result in retaliatory behavior if you fight the harassment at work. It is important to be proactive and to fight for your rights. Your career and income may depend upon it. The sexual harassment defense lawyers at the Law Offices of F. Benjamin Riek III in Akron, Ohio can fight for your rights. Document all instances of harassment and report it to your office’s human resources department. Then, speak to the lawyers at the Law Offices of F. Benjamin Riek III today to learn more about your legal options.

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